What's Your Business Worth ?

Ever Wondered what’s your Business Worth ? Our Valuation Team has prepared a crisp Video on How to Value a Company” for its broad understanding. Do let us know your feedback.

“Knowing what business is worth and what determines its value is prerequisite for intelligent decision making”. Corporate valuations form the basis of corporate finance activity including M&A, fund raising, Sale of businesses, Succession planning and also to meet regulatory and accounting requirements. The rapid globalization of the world economy has created both opportunities and challenges for organizations leading to uncertainty blowing across global markets and raising the importance of independent valuations all over the world. Justifying the value of businesses has grown more complex and challenging as its been accepted that valuation of closely held / infrequently traded listed shares is not an exact science and depends upon a number of factors like purpose, minority/ controlling interest, stage, financials, industry, management and promoters strengths etc.

Corporate Professionals Capital Pvt. Ltd. is a SEBI Registered (Cat-1) Merchant Banker and has a successful track record of providing a broad range of M&A and Transaction Advisory Services. Our Dedicated Team has more than 10 years of rich valuation experience. Our in-house research wing regularly identifies and prepares research articles on debated issues of business valuation, including how to apply the range of valuation techniques, including their appropriate application, advantages and disadvantages. We have created a niche in Valuation Services by executing more than 500 Corporate Valuations (uncoding tangibles & intangibles) across 15 Industries for clients of International Repute and delivering well-reasoned and defensive Valuation Reports.

We value businesses (both Indian and Global) and attribute value to Equity Shareholders, Compulsory Convertible Instruments (CCPS/CCD’s) and Debt/Optionally Convertible Instruments. We also help businesses in allocating acquisition value into different set of Assets including Intangibles.

Call our Valuation Team at + 91 7210114523; email at info@corporatevaluations.in or visit our dedicated Valuation portal at www.corporatevaluations.in

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